Executive Summary:

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Key Aims of the Book:


1. Provide a clear guide to Social Media in Business for managers.Enable the manager to understand the opportunities and to create a common language of what social media means for your whole organization, not just the Marketing and Information Technology (IT) parts of the business that tend to dominate the conversation around social media. Provide a guide to what is out there in terms of social media applications and tools for business. Present an overview of the potential risks and impact of social media on your organisation in a broader strategic sense.


2. Present a practical framework for the introduction and implementation of social media that can be adapted to your organisation The framework introduced in this book is The 3-CORE Project Success System, based on 3 elements: Business Environment, Project Stages, and The Project Development Cycle. The key idea is that the Framework can be adapted to your organizational context and is easy to use in training employees who may not be familiar with social media or project management. The Project Development Cycle is a tool developed by the author towards meeting the above objectives. It is important to note, this is not a “how-to” manual for using Facebook or Twitter.


3. Who is this book for?.As the title suggests, this book was written for business owners, managers, and policy-makers. It is particularly relevant to those who operate in the business-tobusiness sector and those who are eager to exploit current technologies in order to increase the competitiveness of their organizations. This book is designed to help managers develop an implementation strategy; as well as to help them shift their mindset in order to effectively integrate social media into their business.


4. In Social Media in Business, readers will discover:Four Business Opportunities of Social Media

1.How Social Media has Developed over the last three years
2.The Social Media Applications Guide
3.Five Social Media ‘Dark Sides’ & Mitigation Strategies
4.The 3-CORE Project Success System
5.The Project Development Cycle


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